Below appears in italics a translation of the marriage contract of Louis Gasnier (1612-1661) and Marie Michel (1620-1687), who were the first of the family to emigrate from France to the New World.  The contract was signed on June 11, 1638 and the wedding was on June 11, 1638 at the Church of Saint Martin in the town of Saint Martin-du-vieux-Belleme, France. The translation below was done by Peter J. Gagne. (I found this information on

Marriage Contract of Louis Gasnier and Marie Michel. Passed before notary Regnard 11 June 1638.

On the 11th day of June one thousand six hundred thirty-eight were present in their persons Loys Gasnier, miller, residing at the Courtoulin mill, parish of Saint-Côme-de-Vair, accompanied by Jean Dubois, his uncle and Pierre Gasnier, his brother residing in said parish, on one side.

And Marye Michel, daughter of the deceased Pierre Michel and Loyse Gory, in life her father and mother residing in Saint-Martin-du-vieux-Bellême, accompanied and escorted by René Michel, her brother and Pierre Guene, her brother-in-law living in said parish of Saint-Martin, accompanied as well by Julien Guillochon, her first cousin, on the other side, both of whom promised to take one another faithfully in loyal marriage, if God and Our Holy Mother Church give their consent and accord, and to be married before this latter, as soon as doing so is possible or should one by the other be required.

In contemplation of which marriage said Gasnier has endowed and does endow by these presents said Michel with the customary dower; promising, etc.

Passed in the town of Igé, house of the Juryman; Jehan Petitbon and René Carré, cobbler, present.

Signatories: L. Gasnier, R. Michel, J. Guillochon, Regnard.


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