What’s Your Why?

Attending the recent MPI World Education Congress in Orlando has inspired me – one of the inspirational talks I attended was the General Session presentation by Simon Sinek, who presented us with several ideas, including understanding ideas like WHY?, leaders vs. visionaries, inspiration, and loyalty.

First a little bit about Simon…
Simon Sinek
is leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. His goal is to help as many people as possible understand WHY they do what they do, so that they are better able to only do the things that inspire them.  The most efficient way to do this is by helping organizations understand their own WHY enabling everyone who works for the organization to leave every night feeling inspired and fulfilled.

WHY? – According to Simon, Meeting Professionals are our world’s last line of defense! Oh so true; nothing can replace the human connection achieved face-to-face at an event or meeting. For example, you might think bloggers spend their days interacting online only, but consider this, last year 20k bloggers descended on Las Vegas for a blogging convention. WHY? Because of the human interaction we all need.

Leaders vs. visionaries – what’s the difference between a leader and a visionary? Leaders can clearly communicate what they believe; they have an undying belief in what they say. Visionaries are not always leaders, they may be able to talk (a gift of gab) – but not always great at communicating a true belief.

Inspiration –Those who inspire, work from the inside out.  They focus on the Why first, then the How and finally the What.  The WHY creates authenticity, which leads to loyalty.  Simon’s example company was Apple.

  • WHY: We believe in thinking differently.
  • HOW: We make computers.
  • WHAT: Want to buy one?

Loyalty – Companies like Apple, breed innovation and inspiration. Steve Jobs doesn’t tell people what to make, he provides an area for great ideas to happen.  Leaders don’t create ideas; they allow others to do so.

It is my hope, as President of MPI NENY this year, that our chapter provides an opportunity for members to lead within this industry; to allow others the opportunity to create good ideas and for the leaders to help turn them into great ideas!  Being a part of the Chapter Leadership or a Committee gives each of us the capacity for leadership doors to open and the great ideas to follow.  I hope that everyone considers a leadership position at some point during their time as an MPI member.  It is truly an inspiration and honor to serve.

People show up because they share the same beliefs as you, not for a plan!

What is your WHY?


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