WEC AfterGlow

MPI Sand Sculpture - just outside the Vancouver Convention Center

I survived!

Finally back in the office after four days in the beautiful city of Vancouver for MPI’s World Education Congress.   I am happy and sad at the same time.  Happy to be home, and sleeping in my own bed again, but sad to leave behind my new & old friends for what may be another year before I see them all again!

It’s my goal over the next week, to provide some useful feedback from the event, mainly my thoughts on the sessions and events I attended.

If you are looking for Guru updates, my thoughts on this program can be found here: Guru Series.  Share your thoughts!

Social Media Gurus - WEC10

There has been lots of focus on the general sessions, and YES, the general sessions this year were fantastic!  I was especially taken by John Furlong, CEO for the Vancouver Organizing Committee, 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games during the general session on Sunday.   The session was broadcast live this year, but you can watch the archived video here: My only issue with the video is that I can’t fast forward/rewind – but not sure if it’s just me?

Before I share my feedback on the knowledge sessions – three in particular I plan to focus on – I want to share the fun.

The WEC Tradeshow –  I had to get my fun video in while I still had the chance!  This year, the guys at OmniPress who also maintain the Engage365 online community, were giving away free t-shirts to those of us brave enough to participate in a 30 second or less video.  How could I pass this up?

WEC – It’s not all work and no play!

Below are some of the functions I attended, friends I made and food I ate!  More serious updates to be posted later! Enjoy.   (Side note, I’m not happy about centering all the photos in one straight line, but I couldn’t figure out how to make them look nice)

There was always plenty of good food (Dessert tray at WEC TradeShow)

And cold beverages (Starwood Event)

Party with friends at the Hyatt Culinary Competition (L-R) Elizabeth, Me, April

I met the Voice of Meetings and Events - Glenn Thayer! (L-R) Alisa, Me, Glenn & Char

Closing reception - I'm pretty sure the owner didn't think this was a good idea!

Posing with the sexy construction workers on Granville Street, WEC Closing Reception (Char and I on the right)


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