Thanks and Praise

Everyone should know a little thanks and praise can go a long way, no matter what stage of life you’re in, be it child or adult.

As a meeting professional, I love what I do. I love the people in this industry; I love to pull events off that make attendees happy.  I’m a people person!  Can you believe that in 9th grade my teacher accused me of being an INTROVERT?   That was a fun day.

So anyway…

Last night my MPI Chapter, Northeastern New York, held its annual awards celebration where we honored recipients with various awards for their contributions to the chapter and meetings industry.  This is also when we install our new board of directors.  It was a great event and everyone should be so proud of themselves and of the Chapter that they are a part of.  MPI NENY has some great volunteers, who give up so much of their free time to the benefit of the Chapter.  It goes to show how much being a part of this Chapter means to the people involved.  We love our profession.

This year during the induction ceremony as I was appointed President-Elect!  Now this is a big deal, which I plan to blog about separately.  I’m happy to continue to serve on the Board of Directors, and I’m proud and honored to work with so many volunteers! And I know how hard they all work, both as volunteers and for own paying jobs every day!

My thought for today…Never be afraid to recognize the accomplishments of your co-workers and employees!  Do not let another person’s rise make you insecure or resentful.

In my opinion, one of the WORST things you can do as an employer (and even as a co-worker) is NOT praise an employee for their accomplishments and contributions.  Employees will get involved in activities outside the office that  develop their own personal and professional relationships.  They also continue their education in order to learn new skill sets to keep them one step ahead of the game.

Remember, employees don’t always do those things just so they can leave their jobs, it’s done so that they will STAY at their jobs – so that they will be viewed as an asset.  What better asset to have than an employee who is ahead of the curve, keeping the company up to speed?  Unfortunately, without support (and I don’t mean a pat on the back for every little thing) you will eventually lose good, loyal employees to someone much more supportive.

It’s something to think about…


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