WEC10 Videos and Social Media

You know that sinking feeling you have when you think you might have just embarrassed yourself or that others will poke fun at you?  Well that happened to me yesterday, but by the end of the day I was feeling pretty darn confident in my decisions – as quirky as they might be!  Sometimes you just have to go with it!

About 2 weeks ago, @MPITheresa asked me to participate in their YouTube project for MPI’s World Education Congress (#WEC10).  I have never recorded a video of myself, as hard as that might be to believe!  First video, took me about 6-7 tries before I felt I sounded okay and had memorized my lines well enough to look straight at the camera.  I sent it in.  Feedback was that I didn’t smile enough, and yes – I was pretty serious.   So I recorded another. About 6-7 more takes later I finally had my second video.  I really tried to smile, but I did not realize how hard it was to smile continuously through a video.  How do you get yourself to relax and smile, look natural and still come across as serious?  So again, I’m pretty serious, but hopefully got the point across.

So what was the most embarrassing part of this?  Well, I was under the impression that there would be more video submissions!  Oh, low and behold, I was the only one as of yesterday.   Checking the site today, I found this video below, which made me laugh, because that’s how I felt making my own video trying to work out the bugs!

The second stomach dropping event of the day was that I was chosen to be on of MPI’s Social Media Gurus!  Excellent!  I am really excited about this opportunity! So why the butterflies?  Well, I submitted two photos to @KristenKouk with the instructions, fun and funky head shot.  I have to say, MPIHQ sure does have a good sense of humor!  I took the request to send in a  funky/quirky head shot, a little further than the others!  In the end though, I think it just goes to show that I have a spunky personality, and brave enough to send in a photo with food in my mouth!

What was my backup photo?  Here it is!

A little wine humor

So I’m ready for my marching orders from Kristen! I’ve filled out my Pathable profile for WEC10 and I’m Tweeting the word on a regular basis.

As my strengths lie with Twitter, Foursquare and associations, MPI has asked me to act as a social media spokesperson for the association members attending WEC10.  If you are an association planner/supplier let me know so we can connect in Vancouver!

You can also connect with my fellow Gurus:

Leanne Calderwood @lcalderwood

Miguel Neves @miguelseven

Elizabeth Baranik @elizabethb

Samuel J. Smith @samueljsmith

By the way…there are ONLY 36 days left until WEC’s Opening Session!  Sign up today!


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