MeetDifferent – VAP Day 3

Day 3 – February 23, 2010

For those of us participating via MPI’s Virtual Access Pass (VAP) on Tuesday morning – I believe we were let down.  To start, the room had a relatively poor wireless connection – I noticed several comments on Twitter about leaving the room to be able to send/receive tweets.  On top of that, the VAP audience’s access to the live video feed was delayed – it was up and then it was down. Once it was back up, the consensus was that we didn’t really miss much. Marty Neumeier’s presentation was probably the least stimulating of all of the presentations I watched over the past three days.

Complaints focused on the lack of engagement with the live and virtual audiences. Mr. Neumeier spent most of his time looking at the computer as he clicked through the power point presentation (unseen by the virtual audience).  It wasn’t until the end of his presentation, when he sat down with Glenn Thayer, did he become much more engaged.  With all due respect, I think Mr. Neumeier is a really smart guy.  He had so much information to share – but I got lost along the way with the delivery.

Day three’s experience was again not as fulfilling as day one. I was stuck in the office and could only catch pieces here and there as I went about my day. I will be taking the time to listen and watch the recorded sessions, but probably not until the weekend when I can finally take a breather!

My funny twitter conversation that day?

@vlaclair I think there is a lesson learned here somewhere 🙂
@MichaelMcCurry: Attend in person! 🙂

If there is a next time for MeetDifferent – Next time I’m attending in person!

WHAT…? Is it possible there will be no MeetDifferent in 2011? The rumor mill has begun to churn. MPI is requesting that anyone who participated in MD10 to please provide feedback. They introduced many, many changes and they need to know what we think before they can activate the evolution of MeetDifferent 2011. A formal survey will be sent out soon. As you know, it is needs of MPI Members that dictate the evolution of delivering world-class content efficiently. We will most likely see a decision in the next 30 days or so.

Keep your eyes peeled and return a completed survey when you receive one!  Also you can visit the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) blog ENGAGE to provide feedback.  Check it out here:

I just want to give MPI a big round of virtual applause for all the hard work they put into making the Virtual Access Pass a success. A hybrid event such as this doesn’t come without some technical difficulties, but I feel that they did a stand up job.  Although I was participating virtually, I felt engaged – both while watching the live video steam and chatting with others in the Twitterverse.  I hope to see MPI provide more events and such as this – its a huge Member benefit.  It’s a tough time economically.  This can hurt planners in particular – our budgets are tightly controlled.   The Virtual Access Pass allowed me to participate and be a part of the conversation.   Hats off to you MPI – Thank You.

Now how about getting access to the Iron Chef Competition lunch…  🙂


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