MeetDifferent – VAP Day 2

Day 2 – Monday, February 22

Accessing live video content for MPI’s MeetDifferent on day two was a little more difficult for me – largely due in part to the fact that I had to go to work!  No more sitting comfortably on the couch!  There were video technical issues – but they seemed mainly caused by the meeting room’s inability to maintain a healthy wireless signal. Kudos to MPI’s technical team – who have been on top of all technical issues as they occur.  They are watching the Twitter stream closely – and react instantaneously to the virtual audiences issues.  MPI monitors the virtual audience closely – we are not ignored – concerns are addressed upon receipt.  It’s a great member care response – but it’s not just in response to member concerns – ALL who are participating are taken care of!

So what did I watch on day two of MeetDifferent?

Here’s a little recap.

General Session

A big kudos to the MPI Foundation that raised over $50k at Rendezvous.  The Foundation is such a vital part of MPI – many of its members would not be able to be members or partake in educational events without it’s help.  The money raised goes back to the membership for education, grants, CSR, scholarships, etc.  It’s wonderful. The  Foundation has reached 75% of its goal!  Want to know how you can help?  Visit:

The General Session speaker Monica Harrington was AWESOME! It was a very engaging and interactive session – with questions being taken from the virtual audience via Twitter.  It was a compelling way to run a general session and to kick off the morning in Cancun.  I plan to watch the session again to make sure I didn’t miss anything!  Thank you MPI for providing access to recorded video content that I can access later!  Again Glenn Thayer was the engaging & interactive MC – and a perfect choice for MeetDifferent.

Some quotes from Monica Harrington’s presentation, that I particularly enjoyed! (Disclaimer, quotes were taken from Twitter, I apologize if they are not perfect/exact quotes)

Failure leads to success. We don’t talk about failure enough, how it feels what we can learn from it

How can meeting planners be more innovative? Think – how can I advance the business.That’s what CEO’s care about. Work through your Marketing Manager.

Be open to failure and talk about what went wrong and lessons learned

When you’re doing something innovative, some people may think you’re crazy.

The second live video event I “attending” was Lead Different with Linda Swindling, self proclaimed “recovering” lawyer!  Linda discussed helping others by becoming a mentor.

Particularly great quotes…

Truly successful ppl love help others, are open and will make the time to mentor you.

A coach & mentor should serve as a mirror & hold you accountable.

I don’t surround myself with troublemakers. I want problem-solvers.

Failure is to be embraced

Her presentation made me think…who would I consider to be a mentor?  I have more than one – no doubt many of you do.  I have several MPI mentors – both at a Chapter and International level.  I have found that many of my mentors are exactly as Linda described mentors to be – open, willing to help, and to push you to think – to move beyond your comfort zone.  Do more, be more – don’t just want more.  I can say that I am so happy to have found (in some cases fallen into) this industry – it is filled with people who want to share their ideas with others.

You can follow Linda Swindling on Twitter @LindaSwindling

PS:  Check out this graphic capture of MeetDifferent.  So cool!

Stay tuned for Day 3…


2 thoughts on “MeetDifferent – VAP Day 2

    • Linda –

      Thank you for the comment! I will check out the e-book, thank you for the link. I am definitely an MPI member – and will be watching or listening to more content from MeetDifferent.


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