More Social Media – I Heart Twitter

Yesterday MPI Chapter (Northeastern NY) welcomed Jim Spellos (@jspellos) as our featured speaker on the topic of Social Media.  It continues to be a hot topic and the numerous social media outlets just seem to grow exponentially every day – and the biggest applications (i.e. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) just keep coming out with new and exciting reasons to have an account.

Think about that social media applications you use.  If you were forced to use only ONE (a difficult decision, I know) – which one would you choose?  Jim chose Twitter, and I have to agree.  Twitter would be my one and only – if forced to pick.  Hopefully no one will make me.

But consider this from

Maybe Twitter doesn’t have a growth problem after all. According to new stats out today from Royal Pingdom, Twitter saw an all-time high of more than 1.2 billion tweets in January. Perhaps this is what CEO Evan Williams meant last month when he said that the site was hitting records “across all the metrics that matter.”

Diving a bit deeper into the numbers, Royal Pingdom reports that tweet volume grew by 16x from January ’09 to January ’10. Over the past three months, tweet volume has grown steadily at around 17 percent. In other words, if tweet volume is the metric that matters, Twitter is still growing at a very healthy clip.

Are you getting your message out?

And consider this…

According to the stats provided in Jim’s presentation from – Twitter is projected to have 26 million users in 2010.  Oh, and did you know that 4.5 million of those people follow Ashton Kutcher?  Amazing!

Twitter has been a great marketing tool, social networking tool and even a means to win some free Chobani Yogurt! Check out @ChobaniNicki and watch for the Spoons Game! Professionally – I found out about MPI’s Virtual Access Pass program (VAP) for MeetDifferent 2010 (use hashtag #md10 to follow the conversation) – Free for MPI Members – before it was even announced! So knowing the release was imminent, I kept an eye on the Twitter feed and made sure to RT (retweet) the conversation.  And of course I signed up – as I cannot go to Cancun myself! (boo)

Professionally, as a meeting planner – Twitter provides me with direct access to Meeting Professionals International (MPI) – any many others in the event industry, in a way that email doesn’t.  I am able to find out about updates, events, discounts, hotels, connections – before those who don’t have a Twitter account do.  In 140 characters or less I have made a connection.  To me it’s not about updating my followers on every move I make, it’s about really connecting – and branding/marketing myself, my MPI Chapter and my profession.

Dive right in, it’s not hard – and you shouldn’t be afraid.  You will find new connections and new friends are out there waiting to hear what you have to say – in 140 words or less of course!

Follow me on Twitter!  @vlaclair

Follow my Chapter @mpineny and our conversations with #mpineny


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