Blogging Again

In this social media driven world, I’ve decided its time to start blogging again. I’ve had an on again off again relationship with blogging. Gung-ho to begin with, trying to create a page that will be eye catching but not annoying the reader…but then find myself falling off the radar. Mostly because I just stopped blogging.

ToBlogAs a meeting professional, I’m quickly beginning to realize the value of blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. In the past these social media outlets were used for personal reasons, but I have transferred their usefulness into my professional life. With this being my first blog entry, for this particular site that is,  I wanted to focus on why blogging is a great way to promote yourself and your profession. And I found a great article online – you know someone had to have already written the 10, 20, 100 reasons why you should use ______ (insert item here) article. So below are a view excerpts from 19 Reasons You Should Blog And Not Just Tweet Posted by Adam Singer in Blogging, Popular

Twitter is popular because it is easy. It is easy to setup, easy to copy-paste links into, and easy to write 140 character bits. But, having your own blog remains the strongest platform if you’re serious about sharing ideas and having a continued dialog with the world. Blogging is the antithesis of easy, however it is far more rewarding.

Blogging demonstrates true commitment and passion to your industry that you really can’t fake long-term. Most won’t be able to sustain it over long periods of time with frequency, but those who do so are rewarded in spades and stand out from the crowd.

Careful of how much time you devote to Twitter instead of contributing to your own channel. Spend the most time nurturing that – time spent in Twitter comes at the opportunity cost of fresh content to your blog. You can use Twitter and other micro networks to draw subscribers and interest, but the premier value is in working on your own material in a unique space.

Remember, you’re essentially contributing to someone else’s network on Twitter – certainly there are returns, but make no mistake they profit from your attention. I know you might not have a problem with that because you gain something too, but it’s good to be conscious of that fact.

It is my goal to remain an active blogger, and provide useful insights from my own experience as a meeting professional and to provide a means for lively discussions on an array of topics that affect an event planners world. I hope you will join me in the discussion!


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